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We try to keep our documents clear and easily understood, but sometimes we have to use jargon which you may not have seen before.  This glossary is designed to help explain some of the technical terms we use.

A person who calculates the answers to financial problems, such as “What rate of return do I need to replace the benefits in my final salary scheme?”

Money paid to us in return for our services; either directly by you, or via a Product Provider.  Adviser Charges (also called fees) are agreed in advance between you and us.  Product Providers have no say in the matter.

A broad type of investment (such as UK company shares).

The mix of different investment types in your portfolio.  Identifying and maintaining the correct asset allocation is the key to a successful investment experience.

A term used as shorthand for the Financial Conduct Authority rule which obliges firms to take all reasonable steps to ensure the best possible result for clients when executing orders to buy or sell investments.

A level-6 international advanced professional designation which is renewed annually and is achieved by only a small number of UK financial planners.

A level-6 UK advanced professional designation (equivalent to Chartered Accountant status) achieved by only a minority of UK financial planners.

In the case of a SSAS: A loan made by the Managing Trustees (usually to the Company) which is secured against certain specified Company assets.