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A firm acting as a fiduciary holds your assets in trust for you, in common with you and others.  (This is an important distinction from, say a bank holding your cash deposits or an insurance company’s with profits fund, where the ownership of the assets passes to the provider firm in exchange for a contractual

Money paid to us by a product provider in return for placing your business with them.  Normally the amount of commission is set by the product provider and varies between products and product providers.  Commissions are banned for new retail investment products from 31/12/12, but may still be paid for existing investment and new non-investment

Critical illness cover is a type of insurance that pays out a lump sum if you get an illness severe enough to be covered by the policy.  Because advances in medicine mean people are surviving illnesses that used to kill us, critical illness cover has become popular as it pays out a one-off lump sum

In the case of a SSAS:  A loan made by the Managing Trustees (usually to the Company) which is secured against unspecified assets not already secured against other debts the company may have.

A Discretionary Investment Manager agrees an investment strategy with you at the start and then buys and sells your investments as they see fit, updating you periodically.  PageRussell are not discretionary managers.  We provide an Advisory service, where we advise you to buy or sell an investment and only act when we have received your

A technique used to lower the total risk of loss in your investment portfolio by investing it in a range of different underlying investments.

Publicly traded shares in companies.

This normally refers to carrying out a trade in your investment portfolio.

The person responsible for the financial planning advice provided to you.

Publicly traded debt, normally issued by governments and large companies.